How to Introduce Solid Food to Baby!

Is your baby showing signs of being ready for solid food?
Signs can include: sitting supported with good head control, watching intently while you eat or even opening their mouth when you open yours, and baby is no longer exhibiting the tongue thrust reflex,

There are other signs as well, including baby’s weight gain. It is recommended to wait until they have doubled in birth weight or are at least 13 pounds.

There has been no evidence that the order in which foods are offered to baby has any impact on future preferences. Most often babies are offered single grain cereals as the introductory solid food.

Baby cereal is a great place to start as it can be mixed with breast milk or formula. The consistency can also be gradually increased as baby learns how to move food around in his or her mouth.

The biggest thing to remember is to only offer one new food every few days. Keep an eye out for any rashes that appear, vomiting or diarrhea. If your child has any reactions, partner with your doctor to discuss any possible treatment and future diet restrictions.

Offer new foods when your baby is in a good mood and not sick. Only offer a small amount, 1 to 2 ounces, and increase it over time

Be sure to track new foods as they may start to run into each other after a while! A great app that I have used to track feedings from birth with both of my little girls is Glow Baby.

Interested in making your own baby foods? There are lots of blenders and food processors that can make pureeing your favorite fruits and vegetables a snap! You can also change the consistency as baby gets older.

Your best bet is to follow baby’s lead and have fun with it! Want to see it in action? Here’s a video of my little one eating green beans for the first time!