2 Ingredient Cake!

Make a cake with 2 ingredients in just 10 minutes!

Mix and match flavors to find your favorite combination. This recipe can be used to make cupcakes, full-size cakes, or any size cake pan that you have.

Cakes can be made in the oven following the baking directions on the box as well as in the microwave. Depending on the size of your microwave, you may need to add more time.

If you love icing but don’t want to spend the time to ice your cake, you can make a lava cake by scooping the entire tub of icing into the middle of your cake batter before baking/microwaving it. (Whipped icing does not work as well in lava cakes.)

Lava cakes are to be served right away while they are still warm to enjoy every bit of gooey icing goodness!

Using a Pampered Chef Rockcrok pan is a great way to make cakes in the microwave! They clean up very easily and are really versatile!

Rockcrok’s are the powerhouse in the kitchen that can be used anywhere! This can help streamline your cooking process. Start a meal in the microwave or on the stovetop, then finish off in the oven or under the broiler - all in the same pan!