How to Break a New Year's Resolution Instantly!

Does anyone actually complete their New Year’s resolutions anyway?

One of the biggest struggles in my life is timeliness. I have to begin getting ready very early if I want to get anywhere on time, especially when I also have to get my children ready to go as well.

A few hours before midnight this New Year’s Eve, when we got into a conversation about being late, it was decided that being on time should be one of my resolutions. Thus far, I had only made one other resolution, to get my very first passport. While I didn’t necessarily want to, I had to agree that I do run late more often than I should, so I made being on time a resolution for the impending new year.

Fast forward to almost midnight. Here we are all sitting around watching the New York celebration on TV. I decide to go get the toddler into her jammies so she can get right to bed after the midnight celebration. As I’m trying to convince her to stop playing and get into her pajamas, I hear that classic New Year’s music. And at that moment, I realized that it was midnight and I was late to the celebration! There seemed to be a lack of a countdown this year so none of us even realized that it was midnight right away.

So not only was I late for the new year, I took everyone else down with me! We still made sure to celebrate though, better late than never, right?!